• Publishes original research articles, letters, reviews/mini- reviews and guest edited thematic issues on various topics related to¬†Organometallic Chemistry.¬†¬†Articles may be focused largely, but not exclusively, on contributions from India

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Organometallic Chemistry


Pankaj Das
Department of Chemistry
Dibrugarh University

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Aims and Scope

The Organometallic Chemistry section of Current Indian Science publishes original research articles, communications, reviews/mini-reviews and guest-edited thematic issues in all areas of Organometallic Chemistry, including bio-organometallic and metal-organic chemistry. Articles based on applications of organometallic compounds in areas such as catalysis (homogeneous and heterogeneous), metal-mediated organic synthesis, biological applications, material sciences, nanosciences, polymers, etc. are especially welcome.

Moreover, manuscripts dealing with the catalytic applications of inorganic compounds that do not have metal-carbon bonds may also be considered if the mechanistic pathway of such reactions proceeds via metal-carbon-based intermediates.

Articles may be focused largely, but not exclusively, on contributors from India.